December 14, 2022. SAN DIEGO, Calif.– Micronoma, the first biotech company offering early cancer detection using a microbiome-driven liquid biopsy platform, today announced that Sandrine Miller-Montgomery, Ph.D., Pharm.D., CEO and Co-founder of Micronoma will participate in J.P. Morgan Week in San Francisco, CA in January 2023. Miller-Montgomery will present company updates at the following events:

Event: Biotech Showcase 2023: The Investor Conference for Innovators

January 9-11, 2023, San Francisco, U.S
Info: Biotech Showcase™ | Investor conference

Event: BIO Partnering at JPM

January 9-12, 2023
Info: BIO Partnering at JPM | BIO

At these events, Miller-Montgomery will engage with registered investors, global biotech companies and potential strategic partners introducing and updating Micronoma’s innovations and future product launch.

Starting with its original discovery, published in Nature, and following with further findings on fungi (the mycobiome) in Cell, Micronoma has built a strong body of science showing the clinical utility and efficacy of using microbiome markers to detect cancer. Micronoma’s patent-pending OncobiotaTM platform is designed to reveal cancer-related microbiome biomarkers in the earliest stages (stages I and II). Though the platform can detect multiple cancers, Micronoma is starting with lung cancer, as it is among the most prevalent and deadliest of cancers, with about 15 million Americans at risk every year. Early detection is key to improving patients’ chance of survival. Diagnostic assays for liver, pancreatic, and ovarian cancers are also in the Micronoma pipeline.

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About Micronoma

Micronoma is the first cancer-detection company utilizing signals from some of the most ancient matter in the world, microbial nucleic acids, to empower clinicians to diagnose cancer at an early stage with minimally invasive, microbiome-driven liquid biopsy technology. Micronoma was founded in 2019 by leaders in microbiome research with the goal of revolutionizing and advancing the practice of early cancer diagnostics and personalized treatment through sensitive microbiome techniques, ensuring that patients’ needs are identified and addressed by their clinicians at the earliest stage for a better chance to live longer, healthier lives. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California. To learn more, visit