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Important Works about the Cancer Microbiome

While scientists have waded into theories surrounding the relationship between cancer and microbes for hundreds of years, it was only recently that research has put the pieces together to demonstrate the undeniable role of the microbiome in the biology of this disease. We can now go deeper than ever in understanding and using microbiome science for cancer detection.

Here, we focus on landmark studies on the cancer microbiome, links to papers published by the founders and leaders of Micronoma, as well as reviews, TedTalks, and podcasts featuring our founders, our Scientific Advisory Board members, and our trusted community of science colleagues. These individuals and their work have advanced the field in ways that are exciting and paradigm shifting, allowing for new possibilities in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and great hope for a better handle on this abominable disease. 

*These resources are provided for informational purposes only and do not represent Micronoma’s endorsement or sponsorship of any third parties or third-party generated content or materials in any manner. Opinions or statements made by third parties do not represent the views or the statements of Micronoma.

Sources from Micronoma Founders 

IASLC World Conference 2021
Robust Discrimination of Lung Cancer

Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases 2021 
The microbiome and prostate cancer 

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Important Publications in the Cancer Field

Publication Growth

The role of the microbiome in diagnosing and treating illnesses, including cancer, is a fairly new field, with a surge of research and publications in the last ten years. Micronoma’s focus on early cancer diagnosis utilizing liquid biopsy emerged in 2020, and we want to recognize the broader field of knowledge building up around cancer and the microbiome in general. 

plasma chart

Annual total of Microbiome Publications in PubMed by Keywords –
(Plasma microbiome knowledge is building up with other microbiome domains)

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