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In 2020, we turned the cancer diagnostic industry upside down with groundbreaking research that showed that virtually all cancers have a unique microbial community, which is detectable in human blood, thereby establishing a new class of non-human cancer biomarkers.

Starting with lung cancer, one of the most prevalent and deadliest cancers, we aim to create a sea change in the diagnostic industry and a positive life-changing experience for patients… with your help.

Join the award-winning team of entrepreneurs, scientists and heart-motivated thinkers that make Micronoma one of the most exciting biotech startups in the industry.

Together we will revolutionize patient care by bringing what would truly become the earliest stage cancer diagnosis to date in the hands of clinicians.

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About Micronoma
Micronoma is the first cancer-detection company utilizing signals from some of the most ancient matter in the world, microbial nucleic acid, dedicated to empowering clinicians to diagnose cancer at an early stage with minimally invasive, microbiome-driven liquid biopsy technology. Micronoma was founded in 2019 by leaders in microbiome research with the goal of revolutionizing and advancing the practice of early cancer diagnostics and personalized treatment through sensitive microbiome techniques, so that patients’ needs can be identified and addressed by their clinicians at the earliest stage for a better chance to live longer, healthier lives. The company is headquartered in San Diego, Calif.

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