Microbiome-driven liquid biopsy company draws international recognition for using innovative technology to enable early cancer detection and improve chances of survival

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Micronoma, the first cancer detection biotech company to diagnose cancer at an early stage with microbiome-driven liquid biopsy technology, added the Health Tech Challengers award in the diagnostics category to the list of accolades it has earned for its groundbreaking work this year. Health Tech Challengers identifies and brings together top global digital health tech startups that are innovators in one of six tracks fostering the digital health revolution. The award marks the fourth Micronoma has achieved this year.

Micronoma Wins Fourth Innovation Award This Year


“It has been a wonderful year of recognition for our team, and the awards are important for bringing awareness and distinction to breakthrough technology like Micronoma’s Oncobiota™ liquid biopsy for true early-stage detection of cancer,” said Sandrine Montgomery-Miller, CEO of Micronoma. “As we are preparing to make our innovations available to clinicians and their patients next year, it is invigorating to be recognized by distinguished experts who see the promise our work offers.”

Other recognition Micronoma has received this year include:

-September 2021: Selection from among hundreds of companies as a finalist in the New Life Sciences Diagnostic category for the UCSF Health Award. The UCSF Health Awards honors outstanding health technologies and innovations dramatically transforming healthcare.

-July 2021: Winning the Bio-IT World Innovative Practices Award Grand Prize. This elite awards program highlights outstanding examples of how technology innovations and strategic initiatives can advance life sciences research, from basic biomedical research to drug development and beyond.

-February 2021: Winning the Unicorn Battle Silicon Valley, billed as the “World’s Largest Startup Pitch Contest” by geography and number of entries. This event recognizes startup companies that have accomplished impressive innovations.

The diagnostic implications of Micronoma’s work to use microbiome markers in liquid and tissue biopsies for early-stage cancer diagnosis are extensive. These distinctions show Micronoma is uniquely leading the way toward preventing unnecessary suffering caused by later-stage diagnoses and potentially enabling earlier, personalized, and less-invasive treatments.

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About Micronoma
Micronoma is the first cancer-detection company utilizing signals from some of the most ancient matter in the world, microbial nucleic acid, to empower clinicians to diagnose cancer at an early stage with minimally invasive, microbiome-driven liquid biopsy technology. Micronoma was founded in 2019 by leaders in microbiome research with the goal of revolutionizing and advancing the practice of early cancer diagnostics and personalized treatment through sensitive microbiome techniques, ensuring that patients’ needs are identified and addressed by their clinicians at the earliest stage for a better chance to live longer, healthier lives. The company is headquartered in San Diego, Calif.