Other Applications for the Micronoma Platform

With the discovery that many cancer types have a unique microbial community, a new class of non-human cancer diagnostics has been born and presents an exciting opportunity to improve all stages of cancer care, from diagnosis to treatment.

Pipeline for Cancer Early Detection

Though we are starting with lung cancer, our OncobiotaTM platform can be developed to detect other cancers, and potentially more than one cancer at a time. 

We are in the process of developing many new assays, including for liver, ovarian, breast, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers. We will continue to develop assays for many more cancer types.

Minimal Residual Disease (MRD)

Once a cancer is detected and resected, it is important to monitor that it has been fully addressed. Detection of MRD by liquid biopsy, while very challenging due to the need for high sensitivity, is a convenient way to get this answer. The Micronoma team is looking forward to developing solutions to assist clinicians and their patients to regain full peace of mind that the disease is now treated.

Metastasis Tissue of Origin

Our technology also has the potential to identify the likely tissue of origin of metastatic tumors. As metastases account for approximately 60% of all cancer deaths, being able to pinpoint which tissue gave rise to a secondary cancer of unknown primary origin would greatly facilitate selection of the appropriate treatment options.

Precision Therapeutic Possibilities

As part of our efforts to support precision medicine, we are looking at the development of the platform to enable using microbial signatures found in plasma as companion diagnostics. The platform could indeed analyze a patient’s blood sample and determine that patient’s likelihood of responding to a particular pharmaceutical intervention and monitor treatment response and detection of tumor resistance. It could even been use during treatment to assess treatment responsiveness In addition, our technology could be used as a novel biomarker in ongoing or passed clinical trials to better stratify the participants for a successful outcome of the trial.

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