Gabriella Fanelli, Executive Assistant

Gabriella joined Micronoma in the Spring of 2021. Gabriella makes everything at Micronoma run smoothly and efficiently. As the only person on the team who’s not science-focused – she was an English literature major in college – Gabriella is skilled in interpreting important information from the team’s work and translating it in a way that others can understand. 

Gabriella spoke with us to provide some insight into her work at Micronoma.

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Every day is different.  As our CEO’s priorities evolve, my activities change. Additionally, as the only person on the team not science-focused, I take on the tasks that make everything run more smoothly so everyone can keep doing the important work that they need to do as efficiently and pleasantly as possible. With a small group in a start-up environment, there are new, random tasks every week. I love that no day looks like the other!

What is your academic/personal background and how does that relate to the work you do at Micronoma?

In college, I was an English literature major. Though seemingly it wouldn’t relate to the work I do here, it has been useful. I have to interpret—pull out important information, explain my thoughts in a way that others understand, etc. And, it has helped with the written communication that comes with my role and with life in a digital world.

My mother is Mexican and my dad is Italian. Though we did not grow up speaking the languages in our home, I grew up hearing these other languages and with a love and desire to learn them further, which is what I am doing now. With verbal communication, I find these skills helpful. I listen with a different ear, and can understand various accents and cultural differences, meaning and intentions. Also, I grew up with a less rigid culture, where time is fluid; and though ironically, it is my job to keep people on track, I am also flexible and understand that things can change. 

What led you to working at Micronoma?

I supported our CEO as executive assistant in the organization at which we both worked prior to coming to Micronoma. We work so well together and understand each other so well, which is critical in my role, so when the opportunity came to join her at Micronoma I couldn’t say no. I get to work at a company that I truly believe will change lives and I also get to support the most amazing leader. 

How has cancer personally impacted you?

Lung cancer resulting from a lifetime of smoking took the life of a family member and made the last decade of their life much more difficult and restrictive.

What has surprised you most within your line of work?

How much I continue to learn about myself through a role that is focused on others. Also, how much knowledge you can gain, even about life outside of business, when you get to work so closely with people as intelligent as those I have had the privilege of supporting.

What’s your favorite part about working at Micronoma?

Our team. I am surrounded by people who are so intelligent, work so hard, are amazing at what they do, and are still so generous, kind, and so fun to be around. Everybody is always looking out for each other and ready to help when needed.

What gets you most excited about the company’s future?

I think both the great team we have with all of their knowledge, talent, and experience, coupled with everyone’s belief in what we are trying to accomplish.

How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change? 

I see us growing – a bigger team. I will help by making this growth as smooth as possible, efficient, and help us successfully develop into a bigger, stronger company.

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

I love cooking, especially for other people. The more extravagant the recipe, the better*. I also really enjoy learning about wine. I love throwing dinner parties where I plan out a few courses (always dessert is included) and choosing which wines to pair with all of it. 

*One of the more difficult recipes that Gabriella has made: “Ragu d’anatra,” a duck ragu, from scratch. Here she starts her work with a whole duck: roasting, shredding, creating the ragu, etc. And if that is not enough, she makes the hand made pasta that goes with it!